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Nanakmatta Public School in Uttarakhand tries to build a student agency in the rural area with a special focus on 21st century skills and constitutional values. We are a group of learners who envision a natural learning space.

We cater to semi-urban and rural learners. We are collectively working towards enabling an education which is affordable, accessible and available to every kid.



Our Vision

Holistic and Joyful Education to build future Citizens.

Students’ Vision

  • Citizens equipped with 21st century skills with a broad universal approach to thrive in this world.
  • Our students will be citizen sensitive towards marginalized communities and the environment with a broad understanding of social structure around them.
  • Therefore, apart from academic excellence, our students’ vision is to provide constitutional values and 21st century skills, i.e., critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, and communication.

Theory of Problem

Children do not achieve excellence as they do not experience holistic & joyful learning in and outside the school space because they are not exposed to safe democratic space along with relevant, contextualized and activity-based learning. .

Theory of Change

With our purpose of creating a natural learning space for all children through the means of holistic education we value collaboration, creativity, compassion and diversity most. We are passionate about creating contextualized and democratic learning space in rural Uttarakhand with our strength of teamwork, collaboration and student agency.

Our Fellowship Model

“Himalayan Fellowship for Transformation” is an initiative of Nanakmatta Public School (NPS) being launched to enable an education that is holistic and contextualized to rural Uttarakhand. It is a program that promises to transform the learning ecosystem of the schools. The two-year teaching fellowship is designed to nurture the local youths so that they can be sensitive and responsible educators. They will work as fellows in the short term and change makers in the long run towards student outcomes and enabling schools and communities to ensure a holistic and relevant education.

Collaboration/Partner Organization

  • PARI (capacity building to document Rural India)
  • Bal Vigyan Khojshala (Experience based science Learning)
  • Cinema in School (Using cinema as tool to making learning impactful)
  • Life Meets The Lens (Exploring Natural World)
  • Guzaarish: Books For All (Supporting our community library program by providing books at reasonable prices)
  • Joy of Learning Foundation, New Delhi (promotes activity based and experiential science)
  • Teach For India, TFIx (2020 Cohort to launch a rural teaching fellowship)
  • Kids Education Revolution (KER)
  • Involve (partnering in student exchange program)
  • National Geographic

Our Projects

Community Library (Our student leaders took an initiative of establishing Community libraries in their regions during the times of Covid Lockdown. Despite being a place of reading books only, these were the community centers where kids can meet, play and learn from each other. At the arrival of autumn, these learners put the foundation stone on 9 September 2020.)


Science Fair under Alliance for Science initiative (Under the Alliance for Science initiative of Pratham Science Program, Science Fairs are organized in the community centers by student leaders themselves. They prepare the science models and try to demonstrate in the community in easy language.)

Film screenings under Cinema In School initiative (Cinema In School is an initiative aimed to promote cinema in the community. Through our network of community libraries, we attempt to make cinema accessible for common masses. Cinema in School Curriculum is also implemented in NPS in which we try to connect the abstract concepts of curriculum with cinema.)

Student-led Spaces

Deewar Magazine (Deewar or wall magazine gives a platform to the students where they express what they feel and think. It is a space managed by students where they collect the creative stuff from their colleagues, edit them, design the magazine board and finally prepare it. In this process they collectively develop their skills of creativity, critical thinking and teamwork.)

Master training science workshops (Under the Alliance For Science initiative, master training science workshops are organized for the students where they learn science through experiments and models. Then these students share their learning with their colleagues.)

Publication (The Explorer)

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